We are excited to announce that River Flow yoga is now online.

Yoga classes are running 4 days a week with something for all abilities. We also offer 

 one-to-one appointments and we have a growing schedule of  new online classes including Family yoga, Chair Yoga and Dynamic Vinyasa. 

All classes are currently set to £8 per individual class or £40 for an unlimited monthly package.  However we also accept payment on a donation based service and will continue to be this way for everyone.  This means you can pay nothing, 50p, £5 or whatever you are happy paying for class! The facility to do this is not available through our online booking system (its way to complicated!) instead just send us an email or pick up the phone and we can discuss options.

For staff working in the NHS or as a carer - please don't pay for your classes.  Your attendance is blessing enough.  You really are heroes and the least I can do is offer you this service as a token of thanks for all that you do.  Send me you class requests and I will automatically add you to the monthly schedule - just like you were paying the monthly subscription.


All bookable in through the website or via

We are using Zoom to access our classes  for more details click here >>

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We are taking Holiday !

Classes will restart 17th of August