How to Use Zoom for Online Yoga

How to get online for those who have yet to download zoom:


You will be able to watch our classes through ZOOM a new app which you will need to set up before we start class. You can download the app here


To start with we will start classes 15 mins ahead to make sure everyone is set up and comfortable.


We would recommend using either an iPad or a laptop for best quality and a larger screen, but a mobile phone will also work.

If you struggle with technology or need help with Zoom up we are very happy to help you through the set up over the phone.  Call us on 01497-842915

Here are some helpful tips in getting your self set up for your zoom class:


  1. Make sure you have enough space and your mat is fully visible to your screen.  If possible have good lighting and please put your own microphone on mute.

  2. Switch your view while I am teaching to 'Speaker View'

  3. At the end in group discussion time, please switch to 'Gallery View'

  4. Try to avoid interruptions and let others in your household know your are practicing online so as they don't disturb you.  Also ask them not to stream movies etc at the same time as your class so you can get a good service through Zoom.

  5. If things get really poor connection wise, switch your video off, I won't be able to see you anymore, but you will still be able to see and hear me.

  6. Have fun and be patient with me and yourself.  It's new territory for many of us and it will feel different to our usual classes.