21st Feb - 21st March

Every Sunday from 11am 

Harassed by mental clutter and chatter?

We can empty our overflowing cups to reveal a creative, joyous space.


In this 5-week course, we are shaken and stirred by district Yoga Methods.

There’s a session in Hatha, Ashtanga, Alignment-based, Yin and Mandala Yoga approaches.

Each week brings a creative surprise and joy.


A Zen fable tells of a troubled student who approached the Zen master, asking for guidance. The Zen master’s response was to offer tea, continuing to pour until the cup overflowed. In response to the students consternation, the Zen master commented, “In order to be able to a receive wisdom, you must first empty your cup!”


In this course we open our minds to explore approaches to yoga from different traditions in a light and playful way. We provide the space to ‘empty our cups’ and connect with our innate creativity. Each week includes a creative practice we can all participate in, from photography to having a go at a haiku. We can be curious without taking ourselves too seriously!


The sense of spaciousness continues in the closing relaxation, with selected guided visualisation to enjoy.


Course Curriculum


Learning outcomes:

  • Incorporate weekly time dedicated to creativity, spaciousness and yoga
  • Understand the similarities, differences and singularities of 5 distinct approaches to yoga
  • Experience the styles through a guided practice
  • Explore 5 different creative activities with a focus on both process and outcome
  • Exercise the imagination in 5 guided visualisations during the relaxation period at the end of the class
  • Become familiar with a meditation which supports our creativity by repeating this weekly so that its effects are internalised.


Course content and structure


Each class lasts one and a quarter hours; 5 minutes of ’opening up and drawing in’ meditation, 45 minutes yoga practice, 15 minutes of creativity and 10 minutes of relaxation with a creative visualisation.

Week 1 - Hatha Yoga, photography with our phones, Mountain visualisation

Week 2 - Alignment-based Yoga, creative writing with mindfulness, Full Moon visualisation

Week 3 - Yin Yoga, making a mandala, Rainbow Waterfall visualisation

Week 4 - Ashtanga Yoga, constructing a haiku, Seashore visualisation

Week 5 - Mandala Yoga, mindful self-portrait practice, Ocean of Dreams visualisation


Each weekly invitation includes a poem/inspirational reading, a whatsapp group is created for group members to discuss and share ideas and each class is recorded so that participants have the opportunity to re-visit the class for a time.


This course open us up to new ways of thinking, blue-sky thinking that is not restricted by convention. Learning something new, connecting and being playful all help to boost our wellbeing, quieting the chatter of the mind and bringing us to stillness.


Creative Space - Blue-Sky Yoga Therapy 5 week Course