21st Feb

Every Sunday from 11am 


Harassed by mental clutter and chatter? We can empty our overflowing cups to reveal a creative space.

In this 5-week course, we are shaken and stirred by distinct Yoga Methods. There’s a session in Hatha, Ashtanga, Alignment-based, Yin  and Mandala Yoga approaches. Each week brings a surprise and a joy.


A Zen fable tells of a harassed student who approached the Zen master, asking for guidance. The Zen masters response was to offer tea, continuing to pour until the cup overflowed. In response to the students consternation, the Zen master commented, “in order to be able to receive wisdom, you must first empty your cup!”


In this course we open our minds to explore approaches to yoga from different traditions in a light and playful way. We provide the space to ‘empty our cups’ and connect with our innate creativity. Each week includes a creative practice we can all participate in, from photography to having a go at a haiku. We can be curious without taking ourselves too seriously!


The sense of spaciousness continues in the closing relaxation, with selected guided visualisations to enjoy.


Creative Space - Blue-Sky Yoga Therapy 5 week Course