‘Enquire Within’ - Zen Meditation Yoga Therapy Course

April 20th 

Tuesdays 6pm -7:15pm


Gently transforming a sense of being scattered, groundless and agitated through the practice of meditation, body work and visualisation.


In this 5-week course, we explore Yoga Asana that support serene reflection meditation. The sessions are structured for the direct experience of transformational techniques to foster a deep and abiding sense of calm.


The ‘Enquire Within’ course covers the rudiments of Zen meditation, a beautiful and simple practice. The sessions are supplemented with excerpts from the writings of Shunryū Suzuki, whose seminal text ‘Zen Mind, Beginners Mind’ has its 50 year anniversary of publication this year. We establish the elements that constitute good posture, and cover Dogen’s rules for meditation. 


We link this focus on breath and spaciousness by exploring different empowering Yoga sequences from the ground-breaking work of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. These have evocative titles such as the five dimensions of being, honouring the elements and greeting the body with love.


Each session will close with a healing pranayama (breathing) practice before relaxation. The course unifies body, mind and spirit to facilitate a profound sense of connection and wellbeing.



Course Curriculum


Learning outcomes:

  • Incorporate weekly time dedicated to self-care, meditation and yoga
  • Understand the background to Zen meditation, it’s origins and history
  • Experience the practice of Zazen meditation with guidance on posture and breathing, ‘form is emptiness, emptiness is form’.
  • Explore 7 different yoga practices that foster connection and flow. 
  • Learn 5 pranayama methods through experience and repetition.
  • Release into a period of relaxation with sound at the close of each session.
  • Become familiar with a chant from the serene reflection meditation litany so that its effects are internalised by the end of the course.


Course content and structure


Each class lasts one and a quarter hours; 5 minutes of a practice focusing our awareness on ’greeting the body with love’, 25 minutes Zazen meditation, 30 minutes of yoga practices (these close each week with the ‘extended heart space twist’ practice) and 10 minutes of pranayama and 10 minutes of relaxation.

Week 1 - Uplifting the Spirit: Zazen introduction and posture, The Dance of Life, Moon Phase Sequence, Ujjayi breath and Golden Thread pranayama.

Week 2 - Re-connection and Self-acceptance: guided Zazen meditation, Five Dimensions of Being Flow, Honouring the Elements, Triangle Breaths pranayama.

Week 3 - Nourish and Strengthen: guided Zazen meditation, Sakti Bandhas Flow, The Dance of Life, Humming Bee pranayama.

Week 4 - Get Unstuck and Move On: guided Zazen meditation, Moon Phase Sequence, Five Dimensions of Being Flow, Sonic Massage pranayama.

Week 5 - Become Cool and Quietly Energised: guided Zazen meditation, Honouring the Elements, Sakti Bandhas, Cooling Breaths pranayama.


Each weekly invitation includes a reading on Zen, a whatsapp group is created for those group members who wish to discuss and share ideas and classes include access to seven-day recordings, allowing you to attend the session on a day and time that best suits you.


This course allows us to reflect within, so we can successfully develop serenity and a sense of calm abiding, feelings which are fundamental to our overall health. It is both an introduction and an encouragement to practice with enduring strategies to enrich our resources for self-care. 


“Enquire Within” Zen Meditation Yoga Therapy 5 week Course