Workshop | £20

Saturday | 19th June | 10.30am - 12:30pm


A workshop designed for us to experience practice that rid us of unhelpful labels &boxes, leaving us uplifted with shared laughter and heart-felt joy. 


This 2hr online yoga therapy workshop is run by Graham Nolan and Heather Murray, both experienced yoga teachers and therapists.


It will cover the following:

  • Greeting our bodies with love.
  • Practicing compassion and tenderness for our bodies no matter what shape, size or age they might be.
  • Extending kindness and inclusion to all within our community.
  • Working with active breath work and energising asanas (poses) to rid ourselves of unwanted boxes and labels, which often contain prejudices and judgements.
  • Creating skills in strength and resilience; as we know as a community we have to be tough as well as flexible sometimes. 
  • Becoming warriors of compassion (accompanied by some taiko drumming).


Please get in touch for more details



LGBTQ + Yoga Workshop