A 4 weeks course for beginners

12th April - 3rd May

Every Tuesday 5:30  -6:30 pm

Taught by Graham Nolan


Yoga for Beginners (Part 2)


Breathing softly, stretching gently, being kind with our bodies and easing into calm.

This 4-week course is useful for those who have completed ‘Yoga for Complete Beginners (Part 1)’ and for those who may be returning to yoga practice after a period away. We commence in a stable, seated posture to encourage our attention to turn inwards as we tune in to our breath and our bodies. A warm-up sequence prepares us for the postures (asanas in Sanskrit).


Postures are threaded together in sequences to strengthen the spine, improve flexibility and develop our confidence. Week 4 culminates in the beautiful ‘Sun Salutation’ sequence (Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit) which is a practice for life, energising mind, body and spirit.


The session ends again with the period of relaxation that is integral to  yoga practice. All effort can cease as we release into a steady breath and allow ourselves to be transported by the experence  to a sense of presence and calm.


A weekly handout is provided by email and a recording of the class is also available to return to and re-visit. 


The Yoga for Beginners course equips participants with the knowledge, experience and confidence to join further classes. We come to honour our bodies, listening to what we need and so taking care to practice safely in a way that suits our fitness levels so we can proceed with ease and enjoyment.

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Yoga for Beginners (Part 2) 4 Week Course on Zoom