5 week Course | £40

Every Sunday | 11th April  - 21st May | 9.30am - 10.45pm


Feeling drained and depleted? During these trying times, we can foster a robust approach to self- care, daring to ‘breathe deep and fly high’.


In this 5-week course, we are empowered to our core with Vinyasa Yoga Sequences.

The sessions are themed around positive psychology; connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, give peace and experience.


In this course, we can develop and build on the five ways to well-being by experiencing some straightforward research-based practices. Learning healthy ways to move through adversity, with a collection of skills that together form resilience, can really help us to cope better and recover more quickly, or at least start heading in that direction when the going gets tough. The course introduces many skills to strengthen self-learned resilience.


Stress and struggles come in many forms in life: trauma, hardship, shame, fear, trials and loss. These practices can help us cope with difficulties as they arise and also prepare us for challenges in the future. Just knowing that you've built up your resilience skills can be a great comfort in itself.


With resilience, we become stronger and more flexible at the same time. And we do this with good humour and cheerfulness! The sense of open curiosity continues in the closing relaxation, with selected guided visualisations to enjoy.


Course Curriculum


Learning outcomes:

• Incorporate weekly time dedicated to self-care, exploration and yoga

• Understand the particular nature of 5 distinct ways to wellbeing and how they can be applied to

yoga practice

• Experience the theme through a Vinyasa Flow Sequence

• Explore 5 different methods from positive psychology with a focus on both process and


• Exercise the imagination in 5 guided visualisations during the relaxation period at the end of the


• Become familiar with a meditation which supports our resilience by repeating, adding to and

developing this weekly so that its effects are internalised by the end of the course.


Course content and structure


Each class lasts one and a quarter hours; 5 minutes of ’grounding compassionate resilience’ meditation, 45 minutes yoga practice, 15 minutes of resilience-focused activity and 10 minutes of relaxation with a creative visualisation.

Week 1 - Connect, Dancing Warrior Vinyasa Flow, search for the positive, Warrior visualisation 

Week 2 - Be active, Stoke the Abdominal Fire Vinyasa Flow, Face our Fears, Hanuman visualisation

Week 3 - Take Notice, Yang Vrksasana Vinyasa Flow, appreciative body scan, Tree visualisation

Week 4 - Keep Learning, Tricks towards Hanumanasana Vinyasa Flow, vital values practice, Sailing Boat visualisation

Week 5 - Give, ‘The Dragon Awakes and Flies’ Vinyasa Flow, self-compassion practice, Dragons visualisation


Each weekly invitation includes a flashcard reminder of the theme, a whatsapp group is created for group members to discuss and share ideas and each class is recorded so that participants have the opportunity to re-visit the class for a time.


This course opens us up to new ways of thinking, so we can successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what we want out of life. Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to our overall health. We are pro-actively generating them on this course, enabling us to recuperate and recover, and bringing us to a place of deep stillness and joy.

Strengthening Resilience 5 Ways to Wellbeing Yoga Therapy Course