A 4 weeks course for beginners

27th April  -  18th May 

Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm



Breathing Softly, Strecthing, gently, being kind with our bodies and easing into clam. All the the warmth and comfort of your home.


This 4-week course starts at the very beginning. We begin with coming into a comfortable seated position so we can focus on our breathing. The 3-part yoga breath, so useful for soothing ourselves, is introduced. There is a foundational sequence to move into and this is repeated each week so that it becomes a familiar friend.


The classes last for an hour. This allows time to settle before we experience a variety of yoga postures (called asanas in the Sanskrit language). Each posture is taken in stages - yoga really is for everyone, every age, every ability.


The session ends with a period of relaxation which is often a favourite with participants. We are encouraged to settle down, keep warm, and be guided by the teacher to a place of peace.


A weekly handout is provided by email and a recording of the class is also available to return to and re-visit.

Yoga for Complete Beginners (Part 1) 4 Week Course on Zoom