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Heather is an award-winning musician and music therapist, who has trained in Japan and is committed to bringing the art and joy of Taiko Drumming to groups of all ages and abilities.

She runs ‘Taiko for Pride’ and is one of the founder members of Taiko Wales. 

"Taiko is an exhilarating performance art that originated in Japan. We play large drums with big sticks, called ‘bachi’. We make big movements that feel fierce, fun and empowering! In workshops we cover basic techniques and learn a piece called ‘Matsuri’ (Festival), with additional treats in store."

She also works as a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher and runs wellbeing projects.


Stu has 30 years of leading outdoor activities and education for a wide range of clients as well as climbing, mountaineering, cycling. Stu's many qualifications include;

ASA teacher 

Bronze medallion life guard 

Swift water rescue technician level 1 and 2 

White water safety and rescue. 

White water raft guide level 2 

Rescue and emergency care- first aid 

Outdoor first aid 

He enjoys photography, wood turning, the above activities and being childish so will be a fun swimming guide for your yoga and wild swimming weekends with River Flow Yoga.

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Cate is an experienced swim coach from Derbyshire. Although these days she is most at home in cold, open water. Her background is in competitive pool swimming and coaching. Cate travels a lot for work, and swims everywhere she goes, mainly for pure enjoyment, but she has also completed some epic swims in lakes and lochs across the UK. She has also been part of English Channel and Round Jersey relay teams. This year, Cate broke two world records for Ice Swimming as she became European champion for her age in 3 events.

Cate works in Greece during the summer as a swim coach and guide. She has been a Level 2 qualified swim teacher since 1992, and her coaching qualifications include:

ASA Level 2 Swimming Coach

ASA and STA Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach

STA Level 2 Award for Open Water Safety

British Triathlon Level 2 Coach

She is also a Level 3 Personal trainer and an STA Aquatics tutor.

Cate describes herself as a bit of a 'swim nerd', and is always more than happy to talk about swimming, or share her passion with like minded people


Emilie grew up in mid-Wales but left the area to pursue a career in textiles. After returning to Wales, she developed a passion for swimming outdoors. What started as a challenge to complete a charity swim in Lake Windermere, turned into an addiction to the open water and a strong desire to learn front crawl so that she could swim confidently in a variety of bodies of water.  
Having been awarded the STA Level 2 Award in Open Water Swimming Coaching and the STA Open Water Safety Award, Emilie now coaches new and experienced swimmers outdoors and in the pool, in addition to her work in retail compliance and as a swim guide in Greece and Croatia. 
Emilie now splits her time between Wales, Scotland, and Greece, and can be found, most
days, either swimming locally in the river Wye, (water level permitting), in one of the many
beautiful Scottish Lochs, and occasionally, in the warm waters of Mediterranean.
“Now, I want to help others experience the joy of open water and wild swimming, safely”.

Emilie Ricketts


Greg grew up on the east coast of Australia where swimming in warm water was a way of life. He took up swimming in open water in 2005 and since then has competed in more than 100 events over distances from 500m to 10km in Australia, South Pacific, New York City, Croatia, England, Wales, and Scotland. He moved to Glasgow Scotland in 2014 and slowly made the adjustment to swimming in the cooler waters of the Scottish lochs; first in a wetsuit, but more recently without the wetsuit right through the winter. He has swum the length of
several lochs with his longest swim to date just over 17km. His latest challenge is ice swimming in water of 5c and has successfully swum an ice km (one km in water under 5c), an event that is perhaps one day destined for the Winter Olympics.

He holds many swimming qualifications including Open Water Swim Coach Level 2, STA Level 2 Swim teacher, STA Open Water Safety, and First Aid.
Greg has worked as a swim coach in the Loch Lomond National Park in Central Scotland since 2016 and has worked each summer as a swim guide in Greece since 2018. He is an experienced open water swimmer, guide, and coach, and likes nothing more than introducing new swimmers to the joy of wild swimming.



Blue has been working with the tarot for over 10 years, initially drawn to it by an interest in magical symbolism and archetypes in art. Her exploration of  esoteric subjects began as a child, with a fascination for sacred sites and stone circles, followed by a life long interest in how ritual and magic can exist in the everyday. 

A sensitive and generous reader, Blue approaches the tarot in a humanist manner, seeing the cards as tools for insight, growth and empowerment, an opportunity to unfold the journey ahead of you.

Blue is also an artist/designer working with clay. Her other outputs include podcasts on witchcraft and sharing magical practices through clay. She also lectures Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University.

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Adele Nozedar is an author, a food writer and a passionate forager. Her books include Foraging with Kids, The Hedgerow Handbook, and The Garden Forager. Her book ‘The Signs and Symbols Sourcebook’ has sold over 300,000 copies  all over the world.

Adele has led walks in most parts of the UK as well as in Spain, Italy, Greece and India. She is the founder of Brecon Beacons Foraging, which offers regular foraging courses designed to scintillate the senses and help us find the edible plants that are all around us.

She has also turned ‘The Hedgerow Handbook’ into a gin, which sold out in the way only a limited edition of a very exquisite gin can.

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